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Two Grey Hills Master weaving

Since the early 1900s the weavers in the Two Grey Hills region, with the guidance of the traders, have produced rugs that are recognized everywhere as the pinnacle of the art. Artists here have challenged each other to spin the tightest yarns and to create the most intricate designs on their looms. Their trademark colors are the natural colors of the local sheep; grays and browns, white and black.

While handspinning is almost extinct in other parts of the reservation, about half of the weavers here still handcard their wool and spin it on the traditional spindle. The Two Grey Hills trader pays a premium for rugs made of handspun wool and stamps the back of the tag. He refuses to stock the commercial yarn that is popular at other trading posts. Instead he continues to sell hand carders and scissors-like clippers for sheep shearing.

MATERIAL:  Handspun, handwoven wool, natural sheep’s fleece, no dyes

ORIGIN:  Marjorie Benallie, Master Weaver from Two Gray Hills, Navajo

SIZE:  26 x 16″


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