Rare treasures for intrepid explorers

Costumes & props from iconic westerns

Rare treasures for intrepid explorers

Costumes & props from iconic westerns

Red & Green Chili Sea Salts from Hatch, NM & the Sonoran Desert

Hatch Green or Red Chile Salt combines the finest green or red chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and unrefined kosher salt from the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. Perfect for a cocktail rim, grilled meat, fish, roasted veggies, eggs, or as a dry rub. Add a pinch to elevate any dish.

Desert Provisions’ unrefined, solar-dried sea salt is rich in minerals and trace elements, giving it a distinctive depth of flavor and pleasing texture. Lower in sodium than table salt, this desert salt is an ideal finishing salt for any dish. Organic!

Harvested from a remote and pristine estuary where the Sonoran Desert meets the Sea of Cortez, the salt bears traces of its journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The unforgiving southwestern sun produces natural crystals as it dries in the hot desert air.

AVAILABLE in 3.4 0z Jar 


SET of 3 “Adventure Camp Tins (perfect for purse or backpack)



Great for use while cooking and as a finishing salt, Hatch Red or Green Chile Salt also makes an excellent rub for meats and fish before cooking. Use as you would plain salt to add an unexpected kick to your favorite dishes. 


Sprinkle on avocado toast, popcorn, eggs, fresh and roasted vegetables (especially sweet potatoes and acorn squash), meat, fish, and fresh fruit. Great as a salt rim for Bloody Marys (our favorite use!). The fruity flavor pairs well with chocolate and a pinch is a nice finish to brownies, chocolate cake, and hot chocolate. 


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