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Navajo Germantown Weaving

Early & Exquisite Germantown Tapestry

MATERIAL: Germantown wool yarn
SIZE: 51 X 35″
ORIGIN: Navajo 1870’s

Germantown blankets were woven by Navajo women from 1864 to 1910
Germantown yarn (from germantown, Pennsylvania) was first introduced to the Navajo while they were
imprisoned at Bosque Redondo, so the women would have material to weave their highly prized blankets.
The Navajo were allowed to return to their native land in 1868 where the weavers continued
to use the colorful Germantown yarns in a vast array of colors.
1875 Germantown yarn was 3 ply and became 4 ply after 1875.
It was provided as an annuity by the US Goverment until 1878,
after that local traders supplied the yarn.



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